Thursday, August 17, 2006

what is bau ?

b a u = b e a c o n a r t i s t u n i o n

bau exists as the collective effort of artists to broaden a path toward greater exposure for their own work, and the artistic community of which they are a part. As a mechanism for generating an audience, bau intends to be a center of creative, collaborative engagement, and intellectual exchange.

bau is being formulated as a stage for creative exploration that is liberated from the constraints of overly polished presentation for the sake of public consumption. Though not a new concept by any means, such “pure” endeavors are currently lacking in the cultural landscape of Beacon, NY. A main premise of the intent of bau is to serve as an extension of the artist’s studio. A venue, that carves out a space somewhere in between the workshop and the showroom. An environment that more strongly manifests the internal machinations of the artist’s mind and hand while mixing in the wild card of public scrutiny.

bau strives to build a structure for creating and exhibiting artwork that will engender a network within the local creative community that will spawn artist led actions promoting a robust artistic ecosystem in Beacon, and the surrounding areas. Collaboration is at the heart of the existence of bau. bau is an interaction; a series of intersections where individual efforts meet in alignment to push forward an agenda that feeds the participants creatively.

The very effort of bau is one of organic pressure. Preferences of the individual artists conjoin, and collide to form this entity, the character of which will be long in developing. With this collective quality already present in its core, bau will seek to promote collaborative exchanges among the artistic community both practically and aesthetically.

By means of forming, and strengthening the network of artists within the region, bau will support and produce programs of interchange, and discussion among producers, and audiences…

The inaugural opening of bau took place on January 8, 2005, with a group installation by the six founding members Chris Albert, Kathy Feighery, Peter Iannarelli, Gary Jacketti, Harald Plochberger, Angelika Rinnhofer.


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